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Launch React or Vue in template

Use case

Let's say you are building a Django project, for some reason, you need to add a complex dashboard page to the project. React or Vue seems good option here, however, you do not want to move the whole project to SPA, now this pattern can help you.

You can use React or Vue to render the specific pages or specific components in your python web project.


Launch React in template


  1. When user visit the website, Python web server process the request, render HTML.
  2. The browser download JS, run it to init React or Vue app


  1. We can create django-react project from django-react-boilerplate
  2. Or we can add React/Vue to the Webpack boilerplate (python-webpack-boilerplate), and then load the frontend app in Django template using the custom template tag.

Pros and Cons


  1. We can develop in hybrid mode, for example, we can use React or Vue.js to build some complex components, and write other parts still using Django template or Jinja.
  2. Can still use some features such as form, built-auth.


  1. The component rendered by React or Vue is not SEO friendly (same problem as SPA)